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OPC Day International: April 25-29, 2022

    Welcome to OPC Day International 2022 – occurring for the third time as a digital event.

    The OPC Foundation will host 3-hour sessions each day of the digital event from April 25-29, 2022. Each session will be held twice in different time zones to serve America, Europe, and Asia.

    Example Topics – Technology Update

    • ECC – Why Does it Matter? by Randy Armstrong
      • Limitations of RSA
      • Device on-boarding and ECC
      • Important differences between OPC UA with RSA and OPC UA with ECC
    • MQTT – Topic Trees, Metadata and the UA Cloud Library by Randy Armstrong
      • Introduction to recommended OPC UA MQTT topic tree
      • How to link PubSub messages to the rich UA information model
      • The relationship between OPC UA over MQTT and the UA Cloud Library
    • “OPC UA vs. MQTT vs. Asset Admin Shell – oh my!” by Erich Barnstedt, Microsoft
      • Often, self-proclaimed industry “experts” want to drive wedges between these 3 relevant and important standards, while in reality we need all three and they in fact complement each other. In this session we will learn how.
    • “OPC UA Systems (not just OPC UA Components)” by Jim Luth, CTO
      • Vendors produce OPC UA components that are Clients, Servers (sometimes Publishers and Subscribers), but often overlook how the components need to be integrated into systems. In this session system level OPC UA constructs like Onboarding, Discovery (including Aliases) and Certificate/Key management will be discussed with an eye towards what the OPC UA components need to implement to become good OPC UA System citizens.

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