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OPC Foundation News Update

    New Class A Members

    The OPC Foundation membership really is a diverse set of companies developing products and/or services for many different domains and vertical markets. Corporate members that are recognized as Class A members because of their annual revenue (annual revenue exceeds $100 million per year)  are recognized here that have joined since November 1, 2016.  These companies offer significant value to the OPC Foundation membership and OPC community.

    1. Kaspersky Lab UK Limited
    2. Eaton Industries GmbH
    3. Parker Hannifin Corporation
    4. Larsen & Toubro Limited
    5. Hewlett Packard Enterprise
    6. Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd.

    These companies are truly dedicated to interoperability and they have all chosen to actively participate in the OPC Foundation by more than just being members of the foundation.  Several of the companies have already provided products for the OPC Foundation walls with the OPC UA technology embedded, and several of the companies also are actively participating in the next generation OPC UA technology. All of the companies actively have plans to have their OPC UA products certified in 2017.

    Certification Program Expansion

    The OPC Foundation is proud to announce the availability of our new European Certification Test Lab hosted and managed by Ing.-Buero Allmendinger, a long-time OPC Foundation member with extensive expertise with OPC technology and certification.

    Global demand for OPC Certification continues to grow. To address this demand, later this year we plan to open more certification test labs in other regions and provide certification testing services to non-members.

    Preparing for Certification testing is fully described at the OPC Foundation website where you can obtain the test-cases, test tools, and tutorials that demonstrate how to properly test and prepare your products for submission to a Certification Test Lab.

    Certified products demonstrate compliance, interoperability, and robustness, and are the only products the OPC Foundation recommends for use within a production environment.

    Changes to Testing Services

    Some changes to the certification program have gone into effect in 2017. Testing is now a charged service with OPC Foundation Corporate Members receiving a 50% discount. All pricing details are listed at the OPC Foundation website.

    More information available here:

    Interoperability Workshop (IOP)

    The next OPC interoperability workshop is open for registration. It is hosted by Honeywell in Phoenix, AZ for the week of April 24th, 2017.

    Join us and bring your UA products/devices so you can test them against products from other vendors in attendance. IOP workshops are the perfect venue for testing products, meeting your peers, learning from industry experts, and preparing for certification.

    More information available on the IOP Event Page