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Smart Factory Application Integration based on OPC-UA

    LG CNS has been providing factory operation consulting and services for various industries including electric / electronic, semiconductor, automobile, medical, pharmaceutical, shipbuilding / heavy industry, construction / machinery, health, clothing, and logistics for the past 20 years.

    In the Smart Factory area, our main businesses are MES-oriented businesses, facility control businesses, integrated management, and integrated engineering businesses.

    In these industries, various applications and solutions are used depending on the business area and the most important concern in operating them is application integration, modeling, and data exchange in a simple and consistent standardized way while maintaining high performance and stability .

    OPC UA enables application integration, modeling, reunion and data exchange in a simple and consistent standardized way while maintaining high performance and stability .

    With OPC UA, LG CNS can develop products that are ultimately going to be deployed to extend across facility control and the MES domain via a standardized and consistent approach for smart factories. It will be used in the integrated engineering business by providing device modeling and meta information exchange function on the server side, as well as basic data collection, monitoring, analysis and control functions on the client side.

    It would also be used for mass data collection to generate models for analysis and forecasting to meet the latest industrial needs of IoT, Cloud, and Big Data.

    Charlie Cho
    Smart Factory Solution Team Leader
    LG CNS