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OPC UA Videos Released

    At OPC Day Europe 2016, there were many interesting talks about OPC UA and its applicability into a variety of environments. If you weren’t able to make it to the event, relevant videos are released here for catching up.

    OPC Day Europe 2017 will be held May 30-31, hosted by Microsoft: Click here for details.

    For information regarding the status of the OPC Foundation over the last year, see this video from Tom Burke:

    For a technical overview of OPC UA, watch this video from Uwe Steinkrauss:

    To understand more about OPC UA Security, watch this video from Darek Kominek:

    To see how OPC UA and Automation ML are being used together, watch this video from Miriam Schleipen:

    To understand how OPC UA is being adopted in the RFID space, see this video from Olaf Wilmsmeier: