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New OPC UA Products

    TwinCAT 3: Direct integration of OPC UA Pub/Sub UDP extension

    With a new extension of the OPC UA specification, which Beckhoff played a prominent role in helping develop, the publisher/subscriber principle is being introduced into the established and standardized OPC UA communication protocol. Through the early integration of the Pub/Sub UDP extension, Beckhoff has emerged once again as an early adopter of OPC technologies.

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    Efficient approach to demanding motion control solutions with new software

    Siemens has updated the software for its high-end motion control system Simotion and, in the new Version 4.5, has equipped it with object-oriented programming (OOP) and communication via OPC UA (Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture). Thus, mechanical engineers can now implement large software projects much more efficiently than before and can now access Simotion data in a standardized way, across all automation levels – as far as the Cloud.

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    TTTech Announces ‘Nerve’ – a New Product Platform for Edge Computing and Control

    The MFN 100 is the flexible device for machine control and connectivity in TTTech’s Nerve product portfolio. Nerve is the all-in-one solution that handles control, compute and connectivity, and provides a dedicated cloud service where you can monitor and manage your machines remotely. The MFN 100 supports the OPC UA protocol natively for direct connection to cloud services and other devices.

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