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Compliance Corner – March 2019

    MDIS Information Model

    We have some exciting news! We have our first certified product for a companion specification information model certification. TechnicFMC has passed certification for their UCOS product. The certification includes both the Embedded UA Server Profile and the MDIS information model profiles including MDIS Solution Server Profile. This profile includes nested Facets for a number of information models such as valves, chokes, instruments, as well as support for rules to extend the existing objects. MDIS is an Oil and Gas standard for interfacing the Subsea Production Control System (SPCS), with a Master Control Station (MCS) or a Subsea Gateway, to the Distributed Control System (DCS). The companion specification includes an information model that describes common sub-sea equipment, rules for extending the information model and a full certification for the model, including any extension that might have been generated. The companion specification provides profiles /conformance units to group the available functionality in certifiable segments. For additional detail on this product you can view certified products on the OPC Foundation web site:

    Interoperability Workshops

    We have published an updated web page describing interoperability workshops (IOP) – providing instructions and recommendations for running an IOP.  We have been getting enough requests for support for information model IOPs, that we though we should document the process from an organizer point of view:

    The most recent IOP took place at Honeywell in Phoenix, Arizona on March 4th-8Th.  These workshops are the premier events for testing OPC products for interoperability and preparing them for the lab testing and for the market. We have added additional testing for the new security functionality including ECC testing.

    We have published a new Beta version of the CTT that includes many fixes and updates. Some key items are an update of the certificate testing section and a much easier installation of the certificates required for testing. Also improved were the general performance of the CTT and many mantis issue-related fixes. We are targeting one more OPC UA specification 1.03 CTT release to Add Historical and Alarm and Condition testing, but all other future releases will be for OPC UA specification 1.04.

    “Interested in being part of this important certification strategy?“ We are always looking for volunteers to help us make the OPC Foundation certification and process work for you! Please contact us at

    Paul Hunkar
    Compliance Director, OPC Foundation