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Easily in Touch with Your Machines

    Asset Performance Monitor is B&R’s first cloud application based on ABB Ability. By giving OEMs a reliable overview of all their machines in the field, it allows them to identify potential improvements, take service operations to the next level and unlock new business models and revenue streams. OPC UA guarantees the secure data transfer from the machine to the cloud.

    Around the clock and around the world, Asset Performance Monitor delivers data such as production rate, energy consumption and temperature. OEMs can see how their machines are being operated and monitor their status at a glance. This allows them to respond more quickly to service issues while at the same time reducing service costs. The cloud application indicates where maintenance is necessary and provides the basis for tailor-made maintenance service.

    Open Industrial IoT Architecture

    To collect the data from the machine, an Automation PC is installed on site as an edge device. It receives data from the machine controller via OPC UA and passes it on to the cloud using the MQTT protocol. The connection between the machine and the cloud is established automatically. The software required for the application on the edge device is also installed automatically. The OEM receives cloud access and can log in with a username and password.

    Key Performance Indicators

    With a clear overview of all their machines’ data, OEMs can easily define and compare key performance indicators such as overall equipment effectiveness across their entire installed base. They can quickly identify patterns and recurring incidents and target key areas for improvement.

    New Revenue Streams

    Asset Performance Monitor opens up new business models for OEMs. In addition to maintenance, they can offer performance-based service level agreements, continuous machine upgrades and function updates as a service. The application also provides the baseline for service level agreements to boost machine performance.