Eumabois: OPC UA for Plug & Work in Woodworking

Under the leadership of VDMA Woodworking Machinery, the EUMABOIS working group “OPC UA – Plug & Work” is developing a uniform interface for communication between woodworking machines in production and higher-level ERP/MES systems and the cloud.

Information on OPC UA in the woodworking industries is available from the companies involved in the project:

  • Altendorf
  • Biesse Group
  • HOMAG Group
  • IMA Schelling Group
  • SCM
  • Weber
  • Weinig Group

The next steps of the project are already outlined. In a few weeks, the “Plug & Work” working group will formally establish a Joint Working Group (JWG) together with the OPC Foundation. The constituent meeting of the JWG is scheduled for September. The first draft of a specification, available from the working group, is to be published as an official Draft Companion Specification at the beginning of 2020.