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Standing-Room-Only at OPC Foundation Events

    1st Interoperability Conference World

    The inaugural edition of the OPC Foundation’s ‘Interoperability Conference World’ took place on April 1st to great interest. In all 32 groups participated representing the entire spectrum of industry from factory automation, to process control, to a myriad of vertical-specific interest groups. The three main keynote presentations were given by the OPC Foundation, VDMA, and FieldComm Group:

    Stefan Hoppe, OPC Foundation

    Andreas Faath, VDMA

    Paul Sereiko, FieldCommGroup

    Thank you to all participants and attendees. Events like this show the true power of open standards and collaboration across industry. Interest is multiplied and the synergies become apparent:

    Industry Automation and Standardization – Beijing

    On May 22nd, Stefan Hoppe presented at the 18th Forum on Industry Automation and Standardization in Beijing, China hosted by SAC/TC124 and organized by ITEI. ITEI helped OPC Foundation convert OPC UA (IEC 62541) into Chinese National Standard GB/T 33863. The two groups worked together to establish an OPC China Test Lab for testing compliance of products. Recently the ITEI Test Lab was audited for testing OPC UA Servers and the first product has been successfully tested -an OPC UA Server for a robot controller. Well done!

    OPC Day Automotive

    On May 23rd, 300+ attendees visited Volkswagen in Wolfsburg, Germany to take place in OPC Day Automotive: where IT meets Automotive. Co-hosted by VW and AIDA, the event featured speakers from the OPC Foundation and a selection of the 18 sponsors.

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    After the event, attendees were presented with a feedback survey. Of note, the presentation co-delivered by Uwe Steinkrauss, Unified Automation, and Alexander Allmendinger, OPC Foundation Test Lab Director, on functionality and conformity was voted as most valuable. Congratulations!

    OPC Seminar Tour Asia

    You are invited to join us at one of our stops on our seminar tour in Asia entitled: OPC UA: Industrial Interoperability for IIoT and Industrie 4.0 – From Sensor to Cloud

    • July 3rd: Shanghai, China hosted by Huawei
    • July 4th: Nagoya, Japan hosted by Mitsubishi
    • July 5th: Seoul, Korea
    • July 8th: Taipei, Taiwan hosted by Microsoft
    • July 9th: Shenzhen, China hosted by FoxConn
    • July 10th: Singapore hosted by Beckhoff

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