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Matrikon Q2 Product Updates


    Updates at-a-glance:

    • Matrikon Data Broker (MDB) v1.4 – now with MQTT Publisher
    • Matrikon OPC UA Explorer v1.4 –enhanced OPC UA item export (CSV file)
    • Matrikon FLEX v5 – now supports OPC UA PubSub over MQTT
    • Virtual OPC UA Workshops – Now Booking
    • On-Demand OPC UA Training
    • Video: Joint Microsoft & Matrikon Webcast: Matrikon & Azure for IIoT

    Matrikon Data Broker v1.4

    [New] MQTT Publisher Extension: Publish your OPC UA data using MQTT

    • Users can now publish their OPC UA shop floor data they federate via Matrikon Data Broker using the new MQTT Publisher extension.
    • Specifications Overview:
      • Transport Supported: MQTT version 3
      • Payload Format: complies with the OPC UA PubSub structure
    • Environments:
      • On-Prem Deployment: Microsoft Windows, Linux container (Learn more at
      • Cloud Deployment: Azure Marketplace (Learn more on Azure Marketplace)

    [Update] Matrikon Data Broker on Microsoft Azure Marketplace

    Video:  IIoT Essentials: Enterprise-wide Shop-floor to Azure Connectivity with Matrikon and Microsoft

    Watch this joint Microsoft and Matrikon webcast recording from May 20th, 2021, about how Matrikon helps facilitate seamless and secure shop-floor data visibility in Azure-based IIoT projects. (Video includes a live, 20 minute start-to-finish demo)


    • Jose Vallis, CTO Process Manufacturing, Microsoft
    • Darek Kominek, Marketing Director, Matrikon
    • Areef Penukonda, Sr. Development Manager, Matrikon

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    Matrikon OPC UA Explorer v1.4

    [New] Flexible OPC UA Item Export

    Based on user feedback, Matrikon OPC UA Explorer v1.4  now lets you export OPC UA items into a CSV file using two methods:

    • Bulk Export: generates a comprehensive list of all the nodes found at and below the selected level in the address space of a connected OC UA server.

    • Data View Export: lets you export only the items you added to a particular OPC UA Explorer Data View tab.  Note: a single Data View tab can contain items from multiple OPC UA servers.

    Matrikon OPC UA Explorer’s OPC UA node export-to-CSV-file functionality makes short work of preparing JSON (and other) configuration files used in cloud solution deployments (like Microsoft Azure and AWS IoT SiteWise).

    Example: Sample contents of an exported OPC UA node CSV file brought into a spreadsheet for editing

    What’s a Matirkon OPC UA Explorer Data View?

    Matrikon OPC UA Explorer Data View functionality in is a quick and convenient way to organize lists of items from one or more OPC UA servers you would like to monitor in a single tab.

    Click to learn more and get your free copy of OPC UA Explorer v1.4

    Matrikon Virtual Training – Now Booking

    For over 15 years, Matrikon’s pragmatic, professionally taught hands-on OPC UA and OPC workshops have been the training option of choice for thousands of end-users, engineers, managers, and system integrators.

    With Matrikon virtual training, you get the best of both worlds: expert lead training with hands-on training in a virtual lab all from the comfort of your office (or, these days, more likely your home).

    Check out the Matrikon Virtual Training Schedule

    Learn On-Demand: Matrikon OPC UA Course

    Learn what you need to know about OPC UA with the newly published Matrikon OPC UA Learn On-Demand (LoD) course co-produced with Be.Services.  Cost-effective and convenient, this online OPC UA course lets you go through the material at your own pace wherever you have internet connectivity.

    No schedules, no travel, no hassle!

    Subscribe to the Matrikon OPC UA Learn-on-Demand today to get all the up-to-date information you need in a fresh, concise, and engaging format.

    Matrikon Learn-On-Demand Training

    Matrikon FLEX™ v5 – Now supports OPC UA PubSub over MQTT

    Take advantage of the power and flexibility offered by OPC UA data sent over the popular MQTT transport with the latest release of Matrikon FLEX 5.

    Essential Industrial IoT Functionality

    OPC UA PubSub over MQTT is well suited for one-to-many and many-to-one communications commonly found in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions. Products that implement OPC UA PubSub over MQTT functionality are an excellent option for securely sharing shop-floor data across the enterprise and with cloud-based applications.   Use Matrikon FLEX v5 to implement this functionality in your application today!

    [New] WolfMQTT: Commercial Grade MQTT Security Support Included

    For maximum ease and speed of implementing commercial-grade MQTT security, Matrikon FLEX v5 is the first C++ OPC UA toolkit with native support for the WolfMQTT library, which brings TLS security with it.

    Learn more about Matrikon FLEX, visit