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June 8–10: OPC Day International with IT/Cloud Focus

    The 2021 OPC Day International is categorized into 3 parts:

    • Day 1 – June 8 – Keynotes
      The keynotes will include presentations from key partners about the future e.g. OPC UA and 5G (together with 5G-ACIA) or the importance of the Industrial Cloud Federation (cooperation with DIN).
    • Day 2 – June 9 – Technical Update
      Together with the status and roadmap of OPC UA and also the Field Level Communications Initiative, the focus will be on OPC UA for IT/Cloud as mentioned in my introduction. The compliance team will provide an update on the CTT including integration with Companion Specifications. Stay tuned to learn about the IIoT Starter Kit!
    • Day 3 – June 10 – End-User Focus
      In the first sessions we will cover how we no longer merely advertise “OPC UA enabled products” –instead we like to highlight available solutions offering OPC UA in combination with domain specific information models from different industries. In the second half we will learn from end-users like equinor, Renault, and Miele about their experiences using OPC UA.

    Details and Registration here: OPC Day 2021 – International – OPC Foundation