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Congratulations to the Ethernet-APL Project

    OPC UA and Ethernet-APL

    A Common-Sense Partnership Between Two Enabling Technologies

    The OPC Foundation congratulates the Ethernet-APL Project on the announcement of their achievement of a critically important milestone of cross-vendor utilization of their standard. We have joined this initiative because we strongly believe that the combination of OPC UA over APL will be a key technology for decades to come.

    The key to APL technology is its ability to extend capabilities and simplify applications for end-users by scaling an Ethernet-based IT infrastructure from the edge to down to the device: APL is a perfect enabler for extending OPC UA to the field level.

    Only OPC UA technology scales from the sensor to the cloud and back, transporting standardized information models via secure communications across plant networks in a way that streamlines the deployment and operation of industrial automation implementations.

    The OPC Foundation is the global center-of-gravity for the next generation of field-level communications: 320 experts from 60+ companies define OPC UA FX (Field eXchange) specification extensions for a harmonized process and factory automation solution including safety, motion, and real-time. Users will, in our view, benefit from these important building blocks:

    1. the world’s largest eco-system for interoperability
    2. with OPC UA as the framework for secure information exchange
    3. with standardized information models and semantics (such as the UA-based DEXPI, VDMA’s models, MDIS, and PA-DIM)
    4. with Ethernet APL connectivity from the edge into the field devices

    Moreover, the process automation industry will be very well served with the inclusion of OPC UA across communications frameworks such as O-PAS™ and NOA, that will undoubtedly benefit from Ethernet-APL.

    The future of process control is available today – Ethernet-APL is that future.

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