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Case Study & Semiannual 2021 Product Releases


    OPC UA at the Institute for High Energy Physics (IFAE)

    Along with the use of Prosys OPC UA SDK for Java in hundreds of software development teams, it is also deployed in runtime on numerous production sites across the globe. One of the uses of the SDK for Java product has been handled for The Institute for High Energy Physics (IFAE) at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. The institute is a world-leading organization in experimental and theoretical Particle Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology research. Together with the standard client, IFAE also uses the SDK’s Client-Server libraries for testing their servers.

    In the beginning of the project, IFAE looked for a robust, flexible and cross platform solution for interchange communication between different subsystems. The OPC UA protocol met the requirements while also allowing standardization of the middleware communications between different institutes for such a big project. OPC UA allows method calling, reading variable values, retrieving historical values and even subscribing to them, allowing complete control over the system.

    Big projects like CTA can get stuck for a long time because sharing information between systems can be very problematic, and the code can get really messy if each system uses a different library for this. Using OPC UA helped us define a perfect way to export all the functionality from our logic in a robust and flexible way. Concretely I found the Prosys OPC UA SDK for Java implementation the best I tried, giving us all the functionality from OPC UA that our project demands. With their documentation, examples and tools, it was very easy to develop and deploy our application.

    Cristobal Pio Garcia, Software Engineer, IFAE

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    Prosys OPC UA SDK for Java v4.5.6

    Prosys OPC UA SDK for Java is a tool to develop multiplatform OPC UA clients, servers and systems. Its high-level programming interface enables rapid application development, allowing the user to speed up their development process.

    The new version of the software is accompanied by the first official release of our OPC UA PubSub functionality (Part 14 of the OPC UA Specification). In addition to the implementations of the OPC UA Client and OPC UA Server functionalities, the SDK has now two new editions: Client & Server PubSub Binary and Client & Server PubSub Source. Moreover, the release includes several functional and security fixes.

    Prosys OPC UA Monitor v1.1.2

    Prosys OPC UA Monitor is a highly functional and versatile OPC UA client application that can be used to connect to any OPC UA server. In just a few minutes, the user will design the display for the most important measurement values, enabling real-time monitoring of production processes and equipment. Smart visualization components such as gauges and charts are configured using a fast and easy-to-use grid system. Moreover, the gauges in the view are updated in real-time in editor mode, making the configuration process simpler and quicker.

    The new release includes quality-of-life improvements and various functional fixes. Now user can easily set up measurement value-based warnings and alarms. Another improvement includes easy access to the context menus for the selected items in the different tab lists. The latest version of the software is also complemented by updates to an easy-to-access user guide assisting the user in the application setup and configuration.

    Prosys Sentrol OPC UA & Classic SDK for Delphi v7.3.0

    Prosys Sentrol OPC UA & Classic SDK for Delphi is the leading toolkit for Delphi and C++ Builder. The product offers unique components, enabling reliable development for both clients and servers. The software takes care of numerous details required by interoperable OPC UA and Classic client and server applications. This allows user to focus on the application design instead of communication details, which will reduce the development time and costs.

    The new version of the Prosys Sentrol OPC UA & Classic SDK for Delphi improves support for the usage of the OPC UA client component in C++ Builder in a variety of ways. The release is also accompanied by a new tutorial project that assists a user in learning the basics of both Delphi and C++ Builder. The tutorial project has been recently applied and tested during OPC UA Online Workshop. During the training, participants used SDK for Delphi to develop their OPC UA Client and Server applications. Along with the extensive workshop materials created and improved by OPC UA professionals, the project proved the high quality of the software and the ability to achieve a practical experience of the topics covered during the workshop.