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OPC Foundation Updates – December 2022

    Board of Directors Elections

    The OPC Foundation is proud to announce, and congratulates, those elected to Board seats for 2023-2024:

    • Mr. Matthias Damm – ascolab
    • Dr. Bernhard Eschermann – ABB
    • Mr. Stefan Hoppe – Beckhoff
    • Dr. Kazuhiro Kusunoki – Mitsubishi
    • Mr. Aurelien Le Sant – Schneider Electric
    • Mr. Claudius Link – SAP
    • Dr. Jürgen Weinhofer – Rockwell Automation

    .NET User Group

    The OPC Foundation (OPCF) welcomes the launch of the “.NET User Group” initiated by three companies represented on the OPC Foundation Board of Directors ABB, Microsoft, and SAP. This group aims to maintain and extend the existing open-source “UA-.NET standard” project, which is available on GitHub. All three companies use the open-source project in their products in addition to commercial solutions.

    Each company is donating a full-time development resource to coordinate the future direction of the initiative, increase project quality, and implement new features. This ensures that important extensions to the standard, like ECC security, are integrated in a timely manner. Through coordinated project management, the group is helping all users, and the broader developer community, to more quickly and easily implement OPC UA in their applications. The initiative is open for additional OPC Foundation members and encourages the public to continue their contribution to the open-source project.

    With the engagement of the new .NET User Group Initiative, there will be no change to the existing license of the UA-.NET code on GitHub: The dual license allows RCL for OPC Foundation corporate members and GPLv2 for others. RCL allows corporate members to use the code in their products without opening their own additional implementation.

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    Call for Sponsors

    The OPC Foundation conducts and attends numerous events throughout the year that showcase OPC technology and its members’ solutions. These include trade shows, technology training, interoperability events, newsletters, and attendance at select member functions.

    OPC Foundation member companies have the opportunity to sponsor and participate in the OPC Foundation sanctioned activities.

    Details regarding sponsorship of the OPC Connect newsletter can be found here: Download PDF

    The OPC Foundation has put together an exciting calendar of events for 2023. At this time, we are offering members the opportunity to be a sponsor at many events (on a first-come first-serve basis). Our events give member companies a platform to showcase their products along with the opportunity to evangelize the OPC UA technology.

    Details regarding sponsorship with the OPC Foundation at trade shows can be found here: Download PDF

    Email your completed PDF forms to: sponsor[AT]