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Aker BP Chooses SCADA System Powered by OPC UA

    As part of Aker BP’s digitalization process, Offshore Systems will design and implement
    the front end for a fully scalable SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system to provide the basis for real-time solutions for advanced process control, simulation, and mathematical prediction models for drilling operations. The installation will be carried out in multiple phases, with the first phase being initiated on one offshore rig and one onshore operations center in 2018. The second phase will see the solution being rolled out to multiple additional offshore rigs.

    With the SCADA system fully implemented, Aker BP will be well positioned for the
    transition to true automated drilling operations.

    “We believe Offshore Systems share Aker BP’s visions and ambitions, for example in the use of open models and the OPC-UA communications standard. We are excited to have them join the team as we progress our digitalization agenda”, says Aker BP’s Drilling & Wells Manager, Digital Plan, Richard Emberland, in a comment.

    Data Liberation

    The Offshore Systems solution will enable Aker BP to visualize/interface with vital operations data from multiple data sources offshore, including but not limited to pumping data (e.g. pressures, strokes, and rates), pulling and pushing data (e.g. weights, speed, position), rotation data (e.g. rpm and torque), fluid data (e.g. density and viscosity), and downhole logging data. Collected data will be converted using OPC-UA data communication protocols before being stored for processing, analysis, and continuous project planning.

    A major part of Offshore System’s solution will be the data interface, which will allow for simultaneous data visualization and integration from multiple vendors and communication protocols in real time (including, among others, WITSML, WITS, OPC UA, OPC DA, MQTT, Profibus and Modbus).

    In short, the Offshore Systems solution will provide better means of production control, improved maintenance control, and planning, predictive analysis, and vastly improved accuracy and efficiency.

    “We are both proud and excited of being chosen as Aker BP’s partner in their continuing efforts to optimize and automate onshore and offshore drilling operations. Aker BP is an industry-leading digitalization advocate, and although we are humbled by the vast tasks ahead of us, we are looking forward to offering our expertise and experience. This is all about data liberation. We are determined to set a new industry standard for the development of semantic drilling models, and the results we produce will greatly contribute to the optimization and adaptation of automated drilling operations”, says Offshore Systems CEO Jostein Kvame.