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OPC Foundation Welcomes Volkswagen as 600th Member

    Rapid growth of OPC Foundation shows high demand of
    IIoT interoperability based on OPC UA

    The OPC Foundation welcomes Volkswagen, the German car manufacturing major as an OPC Foundation member. The OPC Foundation is also pleased to announce record membership growth with Volkswagen being the six hundredth active OPC Foundation member.

    Asked about the foundation’s positive membership growth, Stefan Hoppe, OPC Foundation Vice President, responded that “it is gratifying to see membership grow to new heights with Volkswagen as a major global car manufacturer. With the broad acceptance of Industrie4.0 and IIoT and the central role OPC UA plays in them for open and secured data interoperability – the membership growth we are seeing now is just the beginning of the trend we project will develop in the coming years”.

    Michael Schweiger, Account & Demand Manager commented on Volkswagen joining the OPC Foundation “With OPC UA at the heart of Industie4.0, adopting the OPC UA technology and using it to its full potential in our factories is a natural progression. Being a member of the OPC Foundation guarantees early information to upcoming key technologies like the OPC UA Companion specifications which provide secured and standardized information and interfaces for assets.”

    Volkswagen joins a host of other end user market leaders like LG CNS, Samsung, and Miele, who adopted OPC UA in their operations as a step toward realizing the potential benefits Industrie 4.0 and IIoT promise to turn into tangible results.