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Compliance Corner – October 2018

    Welcome to the Compliance Corner

    Every newsletter we have been trying to discuss some of the new testing and information model testing work that has been accomplished since the last newsletter. We do not have a new companion spec to write about for this letter, but we do have some updates on some of the other groups we have talked about in the past.


    The MDIS companion specification has the first products in the lab being tested. These products are being certified for OPC UA Server functionality as well as the MDIS information model. Once they pass, they will receive a certification logo that indicates that they have passed both OPC Certification as well as information model testing.


    The OPAF (Open Process Automation Foundation) has continued working on releasing the first revision of a specification and have confirmed that OPC UA and OPC UA information model testing will be included in this release (scheduled release will be in January, after an 8 to 10 week review period). This testing will be provided by the OPC Foundation test labs.

    Test Lab Audit

    Since the OPAF requires a very formal process for certification, we decided to perform the required periodic audit of the European test lab a few months early. We want to ensure the audit was completed before any formal testing for OPAF would begin. These audits are performed to ensure that all test labs meet the expectations of the OPC Foundation. They are required at a minimum of every three years. The audit process reviews the lab facility ensuring that equipment is available and in good working order. This includes ensuring that sufficient reference products are available. The record keeping of the lab, the general test facilities, and general process of the test lab are all reviewed. Typically, the testing of a product is observed. A group of auditors perform this inspection and review. The European test lab passed with no issues and not even a warning. The lab provides a comfortable test environment for those vendors that would like to observe the testing, even providing them with a guest office to work in if they need to have discussions or phone calls.


    Since our last newsletter, we have been focused on Conformance Test Tool (CTT) enhancements. These include:

    • initial prototypes for Pub/Sub testing
    • Pub/Sub testing discussions related to TSN
    • extending the CTT with additional History testing
    • enhancing the Alarm and Audit testing.

    We have also been working on updating the Linux version of the CTT.  We have also addressed many Mantis issues that are related to the test tool, most of which are enhancements or improvements. We are targeting a new release including Linux, in time for the European InterOp (IOP). This release will still not have full History, Alarming or Pub/Sub testing, but look for these in the coming releases.

    European IOP

    The European IOP is scheduled for this month, but is completely sold out (actually over sold). This is both great news (so many companies have products they want to check) and bad news (we could not accommodate everyone). The next scheduled IOP will be in North America (Phoenix, AZ) during the week of March 4th.  Look for more information on this IOP in future issues. Depending on the feedback and demand form this IOP, we are considering scheduling additional IOP(s).  We already have some Information model specific IOPs (MDIS in December), but are open to having a general IOP or perhaps a Pub/Sub IOP in addition to the already scheduled IOP.

    Interested in being part of the important certification strategy? We are always looking for volunteers to help us make the OPC Foundation certification and process work for you! Please contact us at

    Paul Hunkar
    Director of Compliance