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dataFEED Secure Integration Server Now Available

    New product announcement from: Softing

    dataFEED Secure Integration Server is used at the interface of IT and automation networks and enables the aggregation of data from multiple sources in one server. Both, the client and the server side use the OPC UA interoperability standard; the collected data can be aggregated in a freely configurable way in an OPC UA Namespace. The access of client applications to the aggregated data is controlled by access rights. Different applications can work with their own certificates or their own access rights. dataFEED Secure Integration Server also provides additional security features such as automatic Denial-of-Service (DoS) detection or filtering based on configurable IP addresses.

    Users benefit from increased security and efficient configuration of their IoT solutions. This is particularly the case, if in complex IoT solutions several applications access identical data sources and if changes in the system or IT can be expected over the lifetime of the system.

    “In IoT solutions, the right architecture for IT/OT integration is increasingly becoming a strategic issue,” says Andreas Roeck, Product Manager IoT. “OPC UA is now standard on many vendors in both devices and IT applications. With dataFEED Secure Integration Server, we allow end users to design the interface between IT and OT safely and efficiently in such an environment, and to respond flexibly to short innovation cycles in IT.”

    dataFEED Secure Integration Server is not only suitable for use by end users. Mechanical engineers and plant manufacturers can thus provide a standardized interface that can easily be integrated into the IT environment for plants or plant components.

    dataFEED Secure Integration Server is already in productive use at first pilot customers and is now commercially available. Customers can choose between different pricing models (purchase model or rental model).

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